Position Overview

Reporting directly to the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Regional and Site Operations (RSO), the Florida Regional Vice President (RVP) will empower, lead, manage, and support local City Year Executive Directors (EDs) to ensure the successful operation and growth of a portfolio of three City Year sites in Florida. Site supervision includes the functional areas of: revenue, service impact, development, management, and retention of corps and staff, and site board development and relations.

The RVP role is one of manager, coach, and strategic partner. Whenever possible, RVPs engage in strategic conversations with site EDs, their Board Chairs, and site leadership teams and let them lead. However, in each key functional and strategic area, there are times when RVPs need to engage more deeply in leadership, either because of relative strengths, or to help sites overcome challenges or reach ambitious goals.

RVPs develop strategic and annual operating plans to support sites in meeting short and long term goals in these key areas. In addition, RVPs are responsible for ensuring healthy operations of the region including the development of strong staff teams, strong staff and board engagement, culture, and corps experience.

The Florida RVP will work as part of a team, to design and/or improve operational processes and policies, leverage resources nationwide, and share best practices. The Florida RVP, in consultation with the SVP of RSO, will coordinate and leverage various Headquarters Departments to ensure superior support services to sites as well as to ensure responsive site participation and alignment with Headquarters processes and systems. The Florida RVP will also be responsible for leading and partnering with the leadership of City Year’s Florida-based sites to enact statewide strategies around education policy and private sector support, and to unlock state funds to support City Year and other national service/education reform initiatives.

The Florida RVP is responsible for ensuring that site strategic plans align with the overall organizational strategic plan and direction. Additionally, the Florida RVP will be expected to travel to his/her assigned sites at least once a month and make quarterly trips to City Year Headquarters in Boston for RSO meetings and ED conferences.


This is an outstanding opportunity to play an integral role in improving and supporting public education in the Florida region. Therefore, first and foremost, the RVP must firmly believe in City Year’s premise that education has the power to help every child reach his or her potential, be passionate about addressing the dropout crisis in America, and be aligned with the values of City Year, Inc.

Additionally, candidates for the position must bring experience in the following areas:

While not required, the following skills, experiences and credentials would be welcome:

Next, candidates for the position must have the following skills:

Finally, candidates for the position must possess the following personal characteristics:

Job Responsibilities

Impact on Schools and Students

RVPs develop a strong understanding of the education landscape at each site and region. They identify key opportunities, trends, and challenges in this area, develop relationships with key partners in education reform, and then lead on creating and implementing plans to capitalize on the opportunities that will advance the long term impact plan and mitigate the challenges that will slow it down. RVPs ensure that sites are adopting and implementing the impact platform effectively and piloting, as needed, new techniques to enhance City Year’s impact.

In partnership with the National Impact Department, which has dedicated staff assigned to each region, RVPs perform a thorough assessment of impact for each site and the region. This assessment includes identifying areas of strength, progress against key success criteria, and gaps in performance that need to be addressed. In partnership with site leadership, RVPs set multi-year goals and lead measures (the activities that are predictive of and influence the outcome) for each site/school and effectively communicate these goals so that staff and AmeriCorps members at sites have clear expectations and deliverables. RVPs assess progress against each lead measure and then activate solutions to strengthen performance in targeted areas of impact. RVPs continuously oversee the implementation of innovative techniques and activities to improve student performance at each site and school and cull and replicate successful practices for the region and network.

School and District Partnerships

RVPs develop and support strategies to strengthen City Year’s partnership with school districts and schools. RVPs are responsible for ensuring that (a) City Year is integrated into each school district’s strategic plans as a key partner; (b)districts maximize dollars paid per AmeriCorps member; (c) City Year is integrated into the district’s professional development plans and structure; (d) a district-wide contract and data-sharing agreement, and individual school partnership agreements are in place; and  (e) City Year has the conditions it needs at the schoolhouse level to ensure strong impact (e.g. adequate time with students, bi-weekly meetings with teachers, and program managers as part of the leadership team.) RVPs ensure that strong relationships are developed at all levels of the district from teacher to principal to Superintendent. RVPs drive a strategy to ensure that school districts are bought into City Year’s long term impact plan and work to effectively implement all the pieces that are needed to deliver increased student performance.

Revenue and Financial Management

In partnership with site and HQ leadership, RVPs partner with site leadership and the National Development Department to develop sustainable revenue plans and then manage the ED to execute these. Through effective leadership and management, RVPs ensure that sites are implementing key revenue generation strategies, including the team sponsor program, annual galas, specialty market events, sustainable and capacity giving, and individual giving strategies. RVPs partner with their sites to engage key stakeholders including donors, political leaders, State Commissions and board members.  RVPs ensure sites are adopting CY Channel/Salesforce and utilizing the resources the organization has to offer to generate revenue and steward existing donors, including adopting City Year’s Major Gifts Playbook. In partnership with City Year’s National Development Department, RVPs lead and support sites in developing major gifts strategies, and developing and launching scale-focused fundraising campaigns. In addition, RVPs are responsible for identifying, cultivating, and securing large and/or multi-site donors in their region, tapping into new sources of funding (e.g. state education funding) and culling and replicating best practices across the region and network.

Board Development and Stakeholder Engagement

In partnership with site leadership, RVPs help recruit high caliber site board members who are committed to City Year's local, national, and global mission and to City Year’s unique social sector business model and structure; RVPs activate local boards to be leaders for scale and effective fundraisers. They do this by developing techniques and strategies to recruit the right members, engage the board, build committees, and set clear goals and expectations for board members. RVP’s work with EDs and site leadership to leverage boards as fundraising, marketing, recruitment, and public policy forces; train staff on how to manage and leverage site boards in the City Year system; ensure serving on site boards is a meaningful and rewarding experience for high profile stakeholders; and profile successful site boards and board members with the goal of having the highest performing network of boards in the nonprofit sector. RVPs work with EDs and sitting Board Chairs to develop and implement a Board Review processes for each site. RVPs lead collaboration sessions between Board leaders within regions and/or states. In addition to Boards, RVPs lead their sites to ensure that strong partnerships are built with State Commissions, political leaders, and key donors and stakeholders.

People Leadership

RVPs develop and implement a nationally aligned regional strategy to recruit, retain, develop, and mobilize a diverse, engaged, and high performing staff, corps, and alumni. RVPs are responsible for making sure that each site has high caliber talent. RVPs assess talent at each site quarterly and develop and execute plans to advance and retain top talent, close gaps in talent, and improve staff performance and engagement. RVPs create succession plans for key roles and recruit and on-board new EDs as well as members of the site leadership team. They professionally develop each ED by offering executive coaching, training, and leadership opportunities throughout the network. In addition, they help to build the right culture and environment for success at sites. RVPs help design and deliver staff retreats and then convene regional retreats annually to build a regional team, share best practices, and leverage multi-site resources.

Local Innovation and Knowledge Management

RVPs develop systems, processes and tools to capture and share local innovations and best practices in WSWC implementation, partnership development, revenue generation, and people leadership.  RVPs are responsible for convening regional retreats at the board and staff levels to cull and replicate best practices and set vision, goals and expectations for the region. 

Organizational Change Management

RVPs play a key role in change management. They help create an enterprise-wide change management blueprint and then lead their sites and regions with vision and future-thinking to embrace and implement change. RVPs raise awareness and buy-in for new processes and structures, work through problems and obstacles to change, and ensure that sites are adopting the change in a timely manner. 

Customer Service, Site Support, and Resource Allocation.

RVPs work directly with Headquarters functional leaders to ensure that Headquarters is delivering high quality customer service to sites and that there is an effective feedback loop between sites and the Headquarters functional area. RVPs represent the field in City Year’s shared services model, playing a key role in developing and evaluating the success of Service Level Agreements for national functions.  RVPs have a key voice in ensuring that Headquarters resources are allocated in support of sites, particularly when resource trade-offs are involved.

National Leadership

RVPs represent RSO on leadership teams of key high-priority projects and strategies for the organization. Recent examples of these priorities include: City Year’s Annual Summit, the Operating Model Transformation project, Diplomas Now implementation under the i3 study, and the Long-Term Impact Blueprint process.  

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