Written by Susan Nouse, AmeriCorps Member at Celerity Lanier Charter School.

This past week, Celerity Lanier Charter School celebrated the fantastic effort our teachers and staff put into helping and educating our students. Although teacher appreciation was the week before, we chose to postpone our celebration because of LEAP testing.

            We kicked off the week Monday, thanking our teachers for going the EXTRA mile, letting them choose a pack of EXTRA gum of their choice. On Tuesday we thanked them a LATTE for the work they do in our school, letting them help themselves to a Starbucks Latte. Wednesday, we sent them a reminder that they were O-FISH-ally done with testing, handing out goldfish crackers. Thursday, we make decals detailing that our staff is “Awesome to the CORPS.” Finally, today we’ve set up a nacho bar telling our teachers that they are SUPREME. 

            This is our final installation of teacher appreciations this school year, and our teachers are always extremely grateful for even the smallest recognition. I think this is because the jobs that they do are hard and draining, and they don’t always receive the appreciations that they deserve.

            As part of City Year, we can offer small bits of appreciations for the work that they do. And to instill in them the importance of what they are doing. They are educating the future leaders of tomorrow. They come to school everyday despite the difficulties they face and teach our children the necessary tools they need to succeed. And that is something we can all appreciate. 

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