Written by Dom Roher, AmeriCorps member serving on the Lamar Advertising Team at Celerity Crestworth Charter School.

As a Corps Member, I am often given the opportunity to reflect on when I was my student's age. It's really cool to find things that I am able to compare to my own childhood experiences and thus far Halloween has provided me with the most opportune time to reminisce. 

Growing up as a child in West Philly, the most exciting time of the year for my friends and me was Halloween. Having the opportunity to adventure through the neighborhood with friends and family was a bonding experience that molded great relationships with people who would greatly impact my own life like my best friend David, who I met my first Halloween in Philadelphia. The two of us hit it off pretty much immediately, making Halloween an annual event for the two of us for approximately 12 years after. 

I get it: for some Halloween is not an actual holiday, but more like a day for the freaks to rule the night. But I like to look at Halloween as an escape from reality. 

This Halloween at Celerity Crestworth, we are having our Halloween Extravaganza, which allows students to strip themselves of their sky blue tops and khaki pants for a day of imagination and fun. Asking the students about their plans for Halloween is always exciting, because the students take great pride in their costume ideas. One of the sixth graders, for example, plans on being a vampire and she's so excited about painting her face and dressing up in her costume. "I'm going to have the best costume, Mr. Dom," she would say, as her face lights up with joy and enthusiasm. Or like one of the third graders who is looking forward to going trick or treating with her friends and cousins this year. 

From my student looking forward to dressing up as a vampire, to the other that is going out with her cousins and friends, our experiences mirrors one another. It is times like this that I put a hold on everything I am doing to spend it with those who matters most. I encourage each of my students to get excited for Halloween, because it's a time to forget about everything that's going to have fun and create lasting memories. 

Happy Halloween, everyone- from Baton Rouge and beyond! I hope this All Hallows Eve provides you with loads of fun and memories. 

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