by Jordan Palmer,  AmeriCorps Member on the Lamar Advertising Company team at Melrose Elementary School

“I’m so grateful I was able to plan and be a part of the first Spelling Bee here at Melrose Elementary. It was fun to see it come together and how genuinely excited the students were. We had 10 contestants- five from 4th grade and five from 5th grade competing in the final Spelling Bee. Each of these students first had to pass the preliminary round held in their classrooms. The third, fourth and fifth grade classes were invited to watch and support their peers. The event went really well and I enjoyed watching the students support and encourage one another.” – Ms. Betik, 4th grade ELA corps member and ELA Coordinator for Melrose Elementary. 

“I was nervous for the Spelling bee, I felt shy but I studied hard. I did not think I would get 3rd place, I was proud of how well I did,” said 5th grader Derrick, 3rd place winner in Melrose’s Spelling Bee.

“I was mad I did not get 1st place, but I’m happy for Zephaniah! I studied the word list over and over, I was nervous and I believe that is why I missed my last word. I was happy that everyone was clapping for me though,” said 5th grader Byron, 2nd place winner in Melrose’s Spelling Bee.

“”I’m happy that I won the Spelling Bee but I want to give a shout out to the 4th and 5th grade students that participated and tried!” said 4th grade Zephaniah Parker, winner of Melrose’s Spelling Bee.

“The winner, Zephaniah Parker, will attend the regional Spelling Bee in March at Southern University.” – Ms. Betik


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