Above: AmeriCorps Member and Celerity Dalton teammate Justyce Pierre.

Written by Lucy Blair, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Celerity Dalton School team. 

This is hard. Be strong. The days are long and the kids know how to press your buttons. But it’s all worth it, when the kids say those innocent little comments that just uplift your day.

My favorite is when a third grade boy looked up at me and said; “Ms. Blair, what are those blue things under your eyes?” 

I replied with, “Oh they’re bags, I’m sleepy okay.”

“Oh I have bags too!”

“Yea, but I’m white, so they show up as blue.”

He leans forward, and puts his hand on my arm. He says; “Ms. Blair… YOU ARE WHITE?!”

Here are just some other weird things children have said to my teammates and me:

“You look creepy everyday!” -3rd Grade           

“Why are you so warm?” -5th Grade

“Oh I’m a little sunburnt, so I’m running hotter.” -CM
“What’s sunburn? I want to be sunburnt too!”

“I’m going to grow a beard just like yours!” - 4th Grade Girl

“What’s training? Are you going to be driving trains?” -4th Grade          

“I want to cut your hair off and keep it.” -4th Grade

“I want to cut your head off and put it on my body, and then cut my head off and put it on your body.” -3rd Grade

“Were you born in 1901?” -6th Grade

“You and the other City Year look like the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland.” -6th Grade

And all these are from only the first couple weeks of school. I can’t imagine what the year will bring!

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