Above: Mission statement for City Year team at Broadmoor High School.

Written by  Harold Fluellen, AmeriCorps Member serving on the AT&T Aspire Team at Broadmoor High School. 

Broadmoor High suffered after the flood as other schools did throughout Louisiana. Students, teachers, and administrators all lost things dear to their hearts.  Some lost more than others, but as a whole all of Broadmoor High feel the scar that the flood has left behind.  Staff members have done a great job getting the school back into routine.  Broadmoor High has started football season and cross country season.

Administration and staff extended their kindness out to the parents that came out to Open House, letting the parents know that their children were in good hands, that they would treat their children as their own, and give them the support they need.  I was blown away to see the connection the staff made with the parents in those few hours.  One thing I must say stood out to me though was how Administration emphasized on this one thing: “a sense of normalcy.” Administration stressed to the parents that are dealing with the aftermath of the flood that when their kids step on Broadmoor High’s campus they will be in a normal condition.  The students will have structure and a way to escape from some of the issues they’re having while they’re not at school. That makes me feel great to know that I’m helping these students feel comfortable and safe throughout the week.

It really has been a great honor to work with alongside Broadmoor High these past few weeks. My team and I love the students and we are very excited to be a part of Broadmoor High, working next to this hardworking staff making sure the students are having the best high school experience. Broadmoor High took us in with open arms and let us know early on that we are here for the students. We’ve adapted right into the campus culture and we are creating a bond with the campus that will touch us forever. I’m very excited to continue to serve at Broadmoor High School- the best is ahead of us!

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