by Dawn Lastowka

Whether you’re just learning about City Year or you’re already working on  an application, it’s best to find time to connect with your City Year recruiter. Not only can they offer insight into our program, they’re here to help you make informed decisions about your application. Here are four of the many benefits our recruiters offer you:

  1. Application and Resume Guidance

In a competitive application process, it’s important to make your application shine. Meeting one-on-one with a City Year recruiter provides you the opportunity to gain tips and  advice on which of your skills and experiences to showcase. We’re able to provide a professional set of eyes on your resume to provide practical tips for crafting your resume specifically for City Year. We can also offer assistance in choosing whom to ask to write your letters of recommendation.  

  1. Sets You Apart from Other Applicants

Let’s face it; recruiters meet a lot of students! Career Fairs and other events only allow you a limited amount of time with a recruiter. Meeting in person or speaking via phone helps you become more than just another applicant. You’re able to bring your resume to life and tell us your story. As a recruiter, I remember those stories and share those with my teammates and selections committees.

  1. Know What You’re Really Applying For    

Sure, you can read and re-read our website to get a feel for what a year with City Year would be like. However, a recruiter will deepen your understanding. They know what it’s like to live on a stipend or the impact you could  have on students.  They can connect you with recruiters or currently AmeriCorps members who serve in the location(s) where you’re most interested in applying.

  1. Expand Your Network

In addition to connecting with potential applicants, we are building relationships with the campuses as well as other employers and national & international service programs. Recruiters can connect with City Year alumni and other professionals who share  your career interests.


City Year recruiters have a wealth of knowledge and we want to hear from you…it’s our job! So the next time we send you an e-mail or text, or leave a voicemail, respond and set up your 15-30 minute conversation. Who knows? Maybe that call is the one that will launch you on the right career trajectory.


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