What's a typical day at City Year like? Well, that's a tough question to answer because every day is as unique as the communities, students and schools we serve. But Anansa Benbow, one of our City Year Providence AmeriCorps members, took over our Snapchat account to give you a 90 second peak inside the middle school where her team works. She'll walk you through her day and you'll get to meet some of her fellow teammates as well as their students. Find out what motivates her team to serve and the impact her teammates have with their students.  

7:00 AM-7:20 AM: Morning Program 

Students who arrive early to school start their day with Anansa's teammates by working on activities to get their brain going – such as puzzles and brain teasers. For parents who work full-time, morning program gives them the flexibility to drop off their kids before the first bell rings.  

8:00 AM- 8:15 AM: Morning Greeting 

Anansa and her teammates line up at the school entrance to greet students as they arrive. Students are welcomed with a "Good morning" and a high five. This is a way for AmeriCorps members to help students get excited about their school day and also an opportunity to check for attendance for any students who frequently absent.  

9:00 AM-10:00 AM Classroom Support  

As the English teacher gives a vocabulary lesson, Anansa moves around the class to make sure that every one is following along and understanding the lesson. When the class begins their in-class assignments, Ansana stops by the desks of students she knows may need extra help. She works one-on-one with them to complete the assignment.  

11:00 – 12:00 PM: Small Group Interventions  

In math class, there are two boys who have a tendency to act out in class. Anansa and her partner teacher agreed that these individuals might benefit from some small group attention at the back of the classroom to help them focus and pay attention to the lesson. In a classroom with 20-30 other students, Anansa can focus on the students who need the most academic and behavioral support, while the teacher can continue teaching a lesson with any disruptions.  

12:15 – 1:15 PM Behavior Lunch Program 

Sometimes the best way to build relationships with students is to eat lunch with them. That's why our corps members frequently invite three to four students who've struggled with positive classroom behaviors that past week to a special lunch. During the meal, they play games or do on an art project together, which allows Anansa to get to know them outside the classroom and understand what they're struggling with. Now, she can offer tips for how to regulate their emotions when they become angry or frustrated.  

4:00- 5:00 PM: Extended Day  

Anansa's teammates lead an afterschool homework program with students. It's a structured time for students to work one-on-one with their City Year AmeriCorps members and complete their homework before family members picked them up for the day.  

6:00 PM: Final Circle 

Anansa's team forms a circle in their team room to discuss any announcements and share highlights from the day. Their Team Leader shares updates about the upcoming events or information for the rest of the week.  The final circle symbolizes starting and finishing out a day strong so that the whole team is centered, aligned, and fired up for tomorrow.  


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