Living with debt can be tough. Whether you have recently graduated from college or graduate school, have been out of school for quite a few years, or will soon be returning to continue your education, tips on managing loans and finances are always useful. City Year and Bank of America have collaborated to provide a webinar that aims to provide corps members and alums with effective tips on a range of important decisions to consider when paying down your student loans or taking on new loans to finance your education including the true cost of debt, auditing your existing loans, long term repayment strategies, costs and trade-offs, consolidation, rehabilitating student loans that have gone into default, eligibility for debt forgiveness programs and more.

Incoming City Year AmeriCorps members and alumni alike can benefit from learning about ways to strengthen financial habits in order to work towards your financial goals during and after your year of service. Take a listen to this webinar for more information! You can also find more useful webinars through our Professional Development Webinar Series Presented by Bank of America, "Beyond the Jacket."

Professional Development with City Year

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