It's true what they say, there is no better gift than a gift from the heart, except if it is a gift from the heart that is also branded with City Year. Check out the new offerings at cityyearstore.com for all your holiday shopping this year. Best of all, you could be the luckiest shoppers in the entire universe, as everyone who purchases something on the store between November 23rd and December 13th will be entered to win the much coveted, always fashionable, truly classic City Year watch. 

City Year Store Watches

Looking to freshen up your t-shirt and hoodie game. Look no further, cityyearstore.com has you covered. Our new yellow Ubuntu t-shirt says it all, well, it says I am because you are, and what more do you need beyond that? Represent humanity, word. Then there’s the hip beyond hip thin red hoodie (have you heard red is the new red?). Might not keep you warm in those 20 below winter nights, but you’ll look pretty darn good, and your idealism will keep you warm.

City Year Store sweater

Did you know John Landis Mason invented the mason jar in 1858 and forever changed the history of American food preservation and, more importantly, the future of all hipster weddings, bars, and patio dining? Mr. Mason would be proud to know that the mason jar has now reached the very pinnacle of its existence as a City Year Alumni Mason Jar that you can drink out of!!! What?!?!?!? Ah-mazing. Buy 10 today and your life (or at least your dinner parties) will never be the same. 

City Year Store Mug

But wait, what's this? Those value bands you've always wanted (well, 3 of them, we're running limited editions here). Pick them up and see how idealistic your wrist can truly be (and in such lovely colors!). 

City Year Store: bracelets

And we haven't forgotten about the kiddos, no way, no how. The future AmeriCorps members of America can look their adorable best in our stylishly red onesie.

City Year Store: Onesie .  

And there is more, oh yes, there is more. It's best you just go right over to cityyearstore.com now and check it out for yourself, because this CyberMonday you can do all your holiday shopping in one place and feel good about the money you spent to help City Year make a difference.

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