London McWilliams, alumna of Boston College ’11, and City Year Boston ’12, ’13, currently works as the web content editor for Boston College High School, a private, all-boys Catholic school in Massachusetts. We had a chance to catch up with her and learn about her transition into leadership after City Year.

Can you tell me a little about what you do for a living?

I’m responsible mainly for maintaining consistent content across the website. That includes creating content. That could be anything from redesigning a web page to creating an admissions video to help create higher applications. I handle the front and back end of the website and train teachers on how to post announcements. I also write news stories with our marketing and communications director. A little bit of everything, but the job has definitely started evolving into more of a production position. I’ve created about a dozen videos internally and for YouTube that have been retweeted by different organizations.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I think making the videos because I don’t get to interact with students all that much, but when I do, it’s on these type of projects. Film has always been my first love.* Not just watching them, but creating them. When people come to me and they have these awesome ideas and they just want a platform to bring it to life. Helping to bring ideas to life and telling a story, that’s the best part. I love working with people.

Are you doing anything else with students at BC High?

In April I chaperoned the school’s first volunteer trip to Ecuador. We had 8 kids going, all juniors. The kids have service requirements every year--a certain amount of hours you have to volunteer. They can do it locally, nationally, or abroad. We volunteered with the Working Boys Center in Quito, which was founded 50 years ago by a nun and a Jesuit priest. The center started with giving shoe-shining boys an education; now they help their whole families to get out of poverty. We’re going over there to see how it runs and help out where they need extra hands. The kids that took were taking a social justice and ethics class. They are learning about Catholic social teaching--basically how we should treat other people and the dignity of other people.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in City Year?

Aside from everything else, knowing how to be a professional was big. Being a professional with how you carry yourself, how you organize yourself, how you maintain relationships and talk to people. It was like an accelerated life skills class. I learned a lot in college, but I think City Year gave me a lot of the practical and soft skills that I think would have been tough to develop fresh out of college and going straight into the corporate world. Working on a team, knowing your limits, learning how to be flexible--not everything goes as planned, and understanding how to solve problems.


* Want to check out some of London’s creative work? She produced the whiteboard video “Why BC High? Co-curriculars and athletics” for BC High admissions and the musical parody “Track City Year” during her time as an AmeriCorps member.


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