Looking for a journey to explore next-gen leadership development and community engagement through honest dialogue and shared discovery with fellow millennials?  Comcast NBCUniversal is providing fully-funded scholarships for City Year alumni to participate in the Millennial Trains Project.  

Read below to learn about the experience of Jessica Meyer (City Year Detroit 2012) who participated in the 2nd MTP journey in 2014.

What is the Millennial Trains Project?
The Millennial Trains Project (MTP) is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and changemakers to work on innovative projects over a week-long train journey in various communities across the country. Throughout these journeys Participants will stress test their ideas, be advised by experts, collaborate with other millennials, and learn from a variety of influencers and leaders in communities in which the train stops. The projects are crafting innovative solutions to help solve issues in local communities.

How is City Year involved with MTP?

City Year has proudly served as the Official Leadership Development Partner of the Millennial Trains Project since its very first journey. 

Dr. Max Klau, City Year’s Vice President of Leadership Development, adds:  “We created a curriculum called The Pioneer's Journey, which is a version of our IJ that is adapted for use on the ten-day train journey.  As you can see on the MTP website, there is time on the schedule every day for Pioneer's Journey discussions.    I have had the privilege and pleasure of participating in parts of the first and third journeys.  You can learn more about the CY/MTP partnership here here, and here.”   

How can City Year alumni be considered for fully-funded scholarships provided by Comcast NBCUniversal?

This year Comcast NBCUniversal, the lead sponsor of MTP, is offering exclusive fully-funded journeys for City Year graduating corps and alumni to partake in this unique experience.  To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the City Year application by March 15th.  Applications will be evaluated by City Year, MTP and Comcast NBCUniversal and scholarships will be awarded to select candidates.

City Year alumni can apply for one of two journeys boarding in August 2016:

  • August 1-7 (theme: Change) departing from Pittsburgh and stopping in Chicago, Kansas City, Albuquerque and Los Angeles

  • August 10-17 (theme: Unity) departing Los Angeles and stopping in San Francisco, Denver, Milwaukee and Detroit

What types of people participate and why? 
Participants are millennials (age 18-34) who are change-makers who, as MTP states, “have ideas to put in motion that foster progress while simultaneously bringing communities, our country, and the world closer together. “

Jessica Meyer (City Year Detroit 2012) who went on the 2nd journey of MTP reflects:   “I went on MTP to learn about other successful community skillshares around the country as well as some that failed to learn lessons and get ideas on what the best format would be for Detroit.”

What is an example of a project idea?  
Jessica’s project was called 313exchange, a knowledge and skillshare organization.  

“The idea of 313exchange is that everyone has skills, knowledge, and talents but may not think they are worth sharing.  313exchange works with Detroiters on identifying a skill they would like to share, organizing a free class around it, and inviting community members to learn something new. The classes would be free to teach and free to take.   A lot of MTP was learning beyond the project idea. I learned a lot about leadership development, community engagement, educating yourself through relationships with others, and where my passions really lie.”

Learn about other project ideas here.

What is valuable about this experience?  How might it influence your career or civic interests?  
“MTP helped me realize I have an untapped interested in urbanism that I hadn't identified before,” says Jessica.  “It also reinforced my love for relationship building. You're on the train with 30-40 of the most amazing people all willing to give you everything without asking for anything in return. It's a beautiful, unique thing. It also becomes an incredible network of people from all over the country and really the world that have your back no matter what. Getting to know such different people passionate about all kinds of topics gives you a fast track education on a lot of disciplines and perspectives.” 

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