To rise above challenges, make sacrifices, fall down, and get back up.

To never give up.  To push harder than you ever have before- giving nothing less than the best.

To fight. To fight harder. To push. To push further. To place the success of others far ahead of yourself. To be a warrior.  




1. a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.


A City Year Warrior not only fights for themselves, but they fight to be better leaders.They fight to give opportunity to those who may not realize the potential they have, and most importantly, they fight for social justice.


The makings of a CityYear Warrior takes someone with a special heart. Someone who intends to make uncommon change, who commits with honesty, and has the patience of an educator. It takes someone who understands what it means to be flexible, because not everything will go as planned. Someone who embodies a "can do" attitude, even on the toughest days.


A City Year Warrior's heart is full of empathy, and sees beyond the behavior of a child. Instead, a City Year Warrior connects with that child to understand what really is at the heart of the matter.They learn who that student is, where they are from, and why sometimes they may not always be their happiest, or on their best behavior. City Year Warriors build genuine relationships with students so that they are trusted both inside and outside the classroom.


Lastly, a City Year Warrior gives a year of their lives to #makebetterhappen because it was never about them. It was never about the early mornings and the late nights, it was never about what they weren’t doing, or what they were missing out on. Their year is about giving a child a chance. It’s about helping a student reach that next level so that next year, they can read a little bit better, and maybe, on their own. A year of service is about making cynics into idealists, and young people into leaders.




"Create Your Own Environment for Success-- Don't let the unknown standards of others limit the possibility for your success..."

Do you have what it takes to be a City Year Warrior?

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