Across our sites City Year AmeriCorps Members are sharing their stories of how they #makebetterhappen. Here are a few site blogs that share what a year of service looks like. 

Baton Rouge AmeriCorps Members Share Their Advice.

Bing! Put Your Own Idealism To Work

Lydia DuBois shares about the importance of idealism and ways to motivate yourself- in service and in life!



City Year Boston Blog Post Belief in the Power of Students

I serve at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, MA. Recently, the sophomore English class I support began having structured class discussions to develop the students’ ability to appropriately voice their opinions while actively listening to the thoughts of their peers. Ms. Hernandez, my partner teacher in English, began the discussion with the question: “Is it good advice to tell young people to “follow your bliss?” This prompt stemmed from an article the students had read that week discussing how typical words of wisdom such as “follow your bliss” or “follow your passion” are not always the most realistic advice.

City Year Founding Story: It Takes a Village "It Takes a Village"

It takes a whole village to raise a child because a child is an active social being who interacts with people who are not his or her parents. With each interaction, it is imperative that the child receive the same messages about what is right and wrong, what is valued and what is to be rejected, and what is safe. It is the shared values of the village, the shared commitment to each child as a loved individual and future citizen of the village, and the shared sense of collective responsibility that underscore the truth of why it takes a whole village to raise a child.


City Year AmeriCorps Member and student play basketball City Year AmeriCorps Members Collaborate with Teachers for Success in the Classroom

Yesi Lucatero serves as an AmeriCorps member at Fern Bacon Middle School and shares about her opportunity to collaborate with a former City Year corps member who is now a full-time teacher at Fern Bacon.



City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps Member A Day in the Life

Check out a day in the life of Brittiney Turner, City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps Member at Clarke Street School





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