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It's true what they say, there is no better gift than a gift from the heart, except if it is a gift from the heart that is also branded with City Year. Check out the new offerings at cityyearstore.com for all your holiday shopping this year. Best of all, you could be one of the 20 luckiest shoppers in the entire universe, as everyone who purchases something on the store on Cyber Monday will be entered to win the much coveted, always fashionable, truly classic City Year black sweatshirt. 


Know a coffee drinker who has been drinking coffee from a plain, old, boring mug? Not anymore, you've got three options for muggage at cityyearstore.com: super-classy bistro style ceramic mug, versatile #makebetterhappen travel mug, and, introducing the newest member of the CY mug family, the powder blue alumni travel mug. 


But wait, what's this? New City Year winter gear? That's right, nothing beats back those cold wintery days like some good old fashioned idealism-infused scarves and beanies. These classic embroidered pieces will keep you looking good and inspired to take on the world or at least all that driveway shoveling.


Need to up your t-shirt game? We got you covered there too. Red/yellow/blue, all the primary colors plus a raglan jersey tee for you hipsters. If you are thinking how can you rep City Year when the weather gets cooler, worry no more, because we have the most comfy, warmest, flat-out most City Year-ific hoodie options you can imagine (and if you are in one of those lucky states where cool means 50 degrees, we got you covered too, check out the thin give a year hoodie). 


And we haven't forgotten about the kiddos, no way, no how. The future corps members of America can look their adorable best in our onesie or mock red jacket tee (my personal favorite item, I kind of wish we offered this in adult sizes!). 


And there is more, oh yes, there is more. Best you just go right over to cityyearstore.com now and check it out for yourself, because this Cyber Monday you can do all your holiday shopping in one place and feel good about the money you spent to help City Year make a difference.

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