By Sarah Cassell, Social Media Manager

Preparedness is like sunscreen. Can you ever really have too much?

To help you feel organized and ready for your first few weeks of service, we’ve compiled our favorite blogs. These must-reads will inspire, as well as inform:

All Your City Year Questions Answered

Still looking for housing? Or maybe you’re wondering what happens at Basic Training Academy? Our #askCY panelists answered some of your top questions about serving with City Year. Check out their responses.

Start planning your budget

The start of the service year is the perfect time to make decisions about your budget. Talk to you roommates about shared expenses like cable and Internet, and decide what and where you might be able to cut some costs. Charlie Baker, a City Year AmeriCorps alumnus  shares his tips for living on a stipend.

8 Tidbits of Advice from our City Year D.C. Corps

A can-do, positive attitude will take you a long way. Our D.C. AmeriCorps members offer tips to help you get into the service mindset.

5 Ways to Survive Your Corps Year

From mastering your elevator pitch to overcoming challenges with your teammates, AmeriCorps members Latrice Stevenson and Minju Zukowski offer advice that will help you survive your entire year.

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