Across the City Year network, almost every site curates a blog spotlighting the important work getting done at their site. Below, check out some blogs from Seattle, New Hampshire, San Jose/Silicon Valley, Denver and Cleveland. As always, you can explore any site's blog from their site webpage. 

City Year Seattle 

Students Spread Their WINGS in Afterschool

After a day well spent acing tests, filling out worksheets and engaging in academic discussions, no one can blame the students at Aki Kurose Middle School for being a little exhausted when the day ends at 2:20pm. Before Aki Kurose's after school tutoring program called Extended Day begins, the students are keen to get some time to relax. That’s where WINGS comes in, a forty-five minute afterschool program run by City Year and Seattle Parks and Recreation held between the typical school day and the after school classes. “WINGS is a time for the kids to have a little fun,” Mike Browne, Aki Kurose’s activities coordinator, tells us. “They deserve a break.” Mike Browne and the City Year team work together to come up with activities for the kids. This semester, the students are offered three activities to go to during WINGS: Mad Science, pARTy, and Know Crane, Know Gain.

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City Year New Hampshire

Deepening our Impact with the Manchester School District

Now in our fourth year partnering with the Manchester School District at six elementary schools, City Year New Hampshire is seeing increased impact with our students. 

During the 2013-2014 school year, 98% of all students tutored by City Year AmeriCorps members improved literacy scores, with 47% reading on grade level by the end of the year. This improvement coupled with significant gains in math where over two-thirds of all students tutored by City Year New Hampshire improved their raw math scores, with 27% achieving proficiency in grade level by the end of the year, is helping more students stay in-school and on-track. Furthermore, 67% of students mentored by City Year New Hampshire in the 50 Acts of Kindness lunch program showed an increase in positive socio-emotional behavior skills.

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City Year San Jose / Silicon Valley

Expanded Learning Time: Student Showcase

The success of City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley’s Expanded Learning Time program is dependant largely on two things: 1) AmeriCorps members’ dedication to the academic enrichment and socio-emotional learning of their students, and 2) the engagement of families in the work we do with their students every day. The Horace Cureton Elementary City Year team recently held their first Student Showcase for their Expanded Learning Time program after school, with over 75 parents and family members present to support their students.

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City Year Denver

Sports as a Catalyst

Thanksgiving, the officially designated day of the year where people from the United States give thanks for all their blessings and indulge in a meal with family and friends. In my childhood it was a structured day that began with the smell of breakfast burritos made with fresh Hatch green chile and bacon, followed by my amazement of the balloons in The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, a meal made to feed at least twenty, and intertwined with all of the above was the all enthralling National Football League traditional games. 

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City Year Cleveland 

Notes from the Field - AmeriCorps Member Clay Rychlewski

Has it really been only three months? I’ve already had so many experiences and met a great many amazing people that it seems like it was long ago that I was a fresh graduate, unsure of what to do with my life. City Year has given me an enormous amount of confidence, skills, and connections so that on day one of meeting the students I felt ready and energized to begin serving alongside such a promising City Year team.

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