By Todd Marsh, Regional Recruitment Manager, Mid-west

How’s your City Year application coming along? Between finding references and trying to convey who you are in just a few short answers and resume, you know you want to present your best self to our selections committee. To ensure the process is as smooth and simple as possible, I’m reaching into my recruiter toolkit. I am going to share some “set you up for success” tools and resources for completing a strong City Year application.

What motivated you to apply?

The biggest factor when making a great initial impression with your application is why you want to serve.  Story telling is a great way to express your reasons for wanting to serve with City Year!  Being able to connect personal experiences to what you will do as a change agent at City Year is a great way to leave a lasting impression on our Admissions team.


For more tips on how to highlight your passion and motivation for applying, I recommend reading this blog as well. Our recruitment staff are here to help, so we have lots of resources on our website that will guide you through the entire application process.  

Don’t wait for your references to be completed before submitting your application

The professional references you select to support your application do not need to complete a letter of recommendation.  Rather, you simply input their contact information in the reference section of your application. We’ll reach out to them electronically with a reference forum to complete. This should take  them five to ten minutes to fill out.  

Where are you interested in serving?

You have preference over the location you want to serve.  You will list a primary location for which you want your application to be considered.  But you also have the option to list a few other cities as secondary preferences. Your application and potential interview will first be considered by your primary location.  If, for any reason, your top choice is unavailable, we will work to consider your application at one of the alternative locations you have listed.

If you have questions at any point during the application, please reach out to the City Year Recruitment department.  Email Joinus@cityyear.org and we will put you in touch with an appropriate member of our staff to support your unique interest in City Year.

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