Served: ’11, ‘12

Current Occupation: National Admissions Marketing Associate, City Year, Inc.

Fun fact: Yaa is currently getting her Masters in Drama Therapy from Lesley University.


Finding your passion through service is a beautiful thing. In today’s spotlight, Yaa Acheampong ‘11 ‘12  sheds light on how service helped shape her continuing path at City Year.

City Year Boston (CYB): Describe your transition from City Year to your current career.

Yaa Acheampong (YA): I had fallen in love with City Year my first year and still felt very much in love with it during my second, but I didn’t know if City Year had a place for me. […] But we have our summer training program, Summer Academy, and I asked Charlie [Rose] at the time if I could coach the [City Year] Players, and utilize my theater skills and directing skills to direct this group of senior corps members in skits that would enhance learning for the network. […] [The Summer Academy team] was one of the most highly functioning teams I’ve ever been on. It was an incredible experience. […] So that week, being surrounded by people asking if I was staying with City Year, I didn’t know what to do. I fell back in love with City Year being on that highly functioning team, and was reminded of the work we can do and the amazing personal and professional development I could have through that work.  […] [T]here were a few positions open, including the National Admissions Coordinator position.

CYB: What is your current job and title? What do you do in this role?

YA: I’m the National Admissions Marketing Associate for City Year. A lot of it is what’s seeing what’s out there [for Admissions communications] at the 25 sites. There are things about site service that are unique to each site, but there are things about City Year that are not unique—they are the same, and they should be the same. So looking at the current communication, doing communications mapping and seeing what’s out there. […] One of my big projects is determining what the ideal admissions process would be for an incoming corps member through communications. They submit their application—what should they see, and how that can continue to both inspire them to continue to want to serve, while also informing them about City Year and what they need to do moving forward.

Acheampong (front row, second from left) with her team serving at Jeremiah E. Burke High School in 2011.

CYB: What do you love most about your job?

YA: There are two things: One, I like that I get to provide the network with tools so that they can focus on the applicant […]. The other thing that I really like is being able to, in a lot of ways, direct the application experience, and to learn how to do that in a succinct way that speaks to brand and tone of City Year…to make City Year personable to an applicant.

CYB: How did City Year prepare you for this job?

YA: Almost from the first week at City Year, I’ve been made aware that I represent the organization and the power of the red jacket. When I have that on, what I do says something not only about me but also about City Year and that resonates a lot with me. It resonated a lot with me as a corps member. […] Because of my corps year and having to answer questions about what I did, our service, and the experience I had as a corps member, it allows me to look at our overall communications in a way that asks are we communicating the experience as a whole—not just the good parts, but the challenging parts as well—because the challenging parts are just as important. 

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