Our 265 City Year AmeriCorps members serve alongside teachers in 21 Boston Public Schools every day. AmeriCorps members and teachers form a team in many ways. Our service would not be possible without the brilliant teachers of Boston Public Schools: their dedication and passion challenges and inspires our City Year AmeriCorps members every day.

During Teacher Appreciation Week this year (May 8 - May 12, 2017), we shared just what we love and appreciate about our partner teachers on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #cyblovesbps. We shared photos and appreciations from English High, Grew Elementary, McKay K-8, Sarah Greenwood Dual Language, Curley K-8, Channing Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, Chittick, Mattahunt, and Irving. However, our appreciation extends beyond these schools to include all the teachers we do and do not serve with in Boston Public Schools.

Below are a few highlights from our campaign.

"Mr. Poremba has been a wonderful teacher for the sixth grade; day in and day out I see evidence of his awesome relationships with his students in their interactions, and how comfortable they are talking to him. Mr. Poremba creates an almost homey feeling in his classroom, where the students can feel more at ease, and ready to learn. He is a very welcoming presence every morning as we enter the classroom, and we couldn't be happier to have him as a partner teacher." 

- City Year AmeriCorps members Sonia Chakladar and Lauren Bamel on Mr. Daniel Poremba, 6th-8th Grade Math Teacher, Sarah Greenwood K-8 Dual Language School

"Mrs. Mora is an amazing teacher. Her dedication to her students, her empathy for the people around her and the kindness she shows on a daily basis is only three of many wonderful things I see working with her everyday. Her resolve to do her best encourages ME to always do my best."

- City Year AmeriCorps member Emma Cavaliere on Mrs. Loida Mora, 5th Grade Math teacher at Sarah Greenwood K-8 Dual Language School in Dorchester

"What I appreciate about Ms. Yurgelun is that she is warm, enthusiastic and caring with kids, parents and colleagues. She has high expectations for her students and is always patient with the class. It's been a pleasure to work with her, she's a great role model." 

- City Year AmeriCorps member Mackenzie Jones on Ms. Lori Yurgelun at McKay K-8 School in East Boston

"Daniela Petuchowski is a brilliant teacher who brings the most out of her students with her unwavering passion. Not only does she inspire her kids to succeed academically, but she also provides a loving caring environment which truly lets her kids know they MATTER. In my 8 months of serving at the Mckay I have never seen Ms. Petuchowski take a day off with her students. Whether it be by enthusiastically greeting each and every one of her students, pushing her class to grow, or simply being a shoulder to lean on she truly encompasses what it means to be a great teacher! Working with Ms. Petuchowski has helped me become a better version of myself and I can only hope that teachers like Ms. Petuchowski become the norm in all of the schools we serve!"

-City Year AmeriCorps member Iniobong Udofia on Ms. Daniela Petuchowski, Donald McKay K-8 School in East Boston

Check out our Storify for the rest of our appreciations. Thank you so much to our AmeriCorps members, to Boston Public Schools, and most of all to our partner teachers!

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