By Abigail Chang, corps member serving on the Westfield Capital Management team 

Service is a fantastic way to give back to your community and to meet great people. No matter your age or skills, there is a way you can give back. Organizations all over Boston are looking for helping hands. Here is a list of five Boston organizations where you can give back to our community.

The Home for Little Wanderers

Service opportunities for adults of all ages and skills interested in serving local youth.

The Home for Little Wanderers serves children and youth from birth to age 21. The organization provides care services in a variety of different fields to youths and their families, including counseling, therapy, mentoring, and many others, in sites all around Boston. Given the variety of services they provide, the volunteer opportunities are many and varied. Volunteers can serve as tutors and mentors to children, administrative assistants, special events volunteers, and more.

To get involved, check out The Home for Little Wanderers website at www.thehome.org.

Project Bread

Service opportunity for adults of all ages and skills interested in serving people with limited food access.

Project Bread serves members of the community who face hunger by assisting community-based meal programs, child nutrition initiatives, and local food usage. They approach hunger issues with solutions that emphasize empowerment, innovation, health, and dignity. The organization also needs volunteers year-round in their offices to support fundraising. Project Bread also organizes the annual Walk for Hunger.

To get involved, take a look at the Project Bread website at projectbread.org or e-mail info@projectbread.org.

Hyde Square Task Force

Service opportunity for adults who enjoy working closely alongside age young people.

The Hyde Square Task Force is an organization focused on developing young people into skilled, effective adults so they can, in turn, strengthen their own communities. The organization offers project-based learning and college guidance to teens and music education to children age 10 to 18. Volunteers can take on various roles as project organizers, music event support, college mentors and more to support the organization’s programs and support the youth of the Hyde Square community.

To get involved, check out the Hyde Square Task Force website: www.hydesquare.org/get-involved/volunteer/.

Spontaneous Celebrations

Service opportunity for anyone.

Spontaneous Celebrations uses the arts to build community culture and improve community live through classes, youth programs, and events. They organize events such as the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade and the Wake Up the Earth Festival. Volunteers can take part in festival preparation, advertising, administrative assistance, building maintenance, and more to help build the Jamaica Plains community.

To get involved, take a look at Spontaneous Celebrations’s website www.spontaneouscelebrations.org.

Cradles to Crayons

Service opportunity for individuals, groups, and families.

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth to age 12 with the essential supplies they need to flourish at school, at home, and at play. They redistribute items donated by people in possession of extra clothes and supplies to children who need them. This task requires volunteers to sort donations and make completed packages for the children who receive the donations while jamming around the room listening to excellent music.

To get involved, take a look at the Cradle to Crayons website www.cradlestocrayons.org.

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