“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”—Mattie Stepanek

By Cat Nwachukwu, serving on the CSX team

When asked what teamwork looks like, the CSX team serving at The English High responded:

              "When Diana did a 60-minute English Language Arts intervention with a student in my cohort.”

“When Cat agreed to have lunch with one of my students if she arrived on time to school three days in a row.”

 “When Jared shared his end zone challenge attendance strategy with the team.”

“When Sophie shared her lunch with me because I forgot mine.”

“When Alex held me accountable in planning this month and next month’s Themed Thursday [Morning Greetings].”

“When Jesse agreed to tutor students in her free periods to help [students receive] quality interventions.”

“When Will helped me figure out the last few words on the most frustrating crossword puzzle.”

“When Seth taught the entire team how to properly in-kind and then volunteered to inkind and pick up food for countless events.”

At The English High School (EHS), we team up every day to strengthen our service with students and each other. Teamwork is more than planning initiatives together; it’s doing the little things that make us smile and showing compassion even when we don’t ask for it. The snapshot of quotes from the members of the EHS team hardly touches the surface of all the “teaming” that happens in the week, but each illustrates how diverse teamwork can be from moment-to-moment.


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