By Emma Daniels and Shavon Stokes, AmeriCorps members serving on the Bank of America team with Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot K-8 School

During a service year, our AmeriCorps members use their creative brains to make many things, and among them are school displays that celebrate and encourage the success of our students. See a few of our team's work below!

Mauricio Pinilla and Roslyn Hower spearheaded the creation of the team's first bulletin board: “Meet Your Sea-ty Year!” They picked a coordinating sea being for each of our teammates, and we all shared our name, where we are from, and a fun fact. Check out the jackets on our mermaid and merman; they even include the logo of our team sponsor, Bank of America!

At the beginning of the year, Team Leader Jackie Clements crafted our team chore wheel - jobs include “L’artiste: craft something nice for the team space,” “Keeper of the Boards: Check on all the bulletin boards to see if they are in good condition,” and “Sweepy Bear: sweep the whole room, you sweepy bear, you!”

Our trusty Evaluation Coordinator Mauricio Pinilla created this easy-to-understand, Candy Land-inspired data display. It tracks how much ELA (English language arts) time we have with each of the students we support in coursework (our goal is 15 hours of focused tutoring for each student). Each of us has a corresponding color square, and when we achieve 30 more minutes of time with a student, their student’s initials go up a square. When an AmeriCorps member has reached 15 hours, the student “arrives” at a replica of Young Achievers (YA)! To add pizzazz, Will helped Mauricio adapt a quote for each of us from the classic movie Mean Girls to make them literacy focused. Roslyn’s speech bubble reads: “That’s why her hair is so big. It’s filled with reading strategies.” And Emma’s quote is inspired by Karen: “It’s like I have WPM [words per minute] or something! I can always tell when I’m reading a word fluently.”

One of our attendance coordinators, Laura Igoe, assembled all of her knowledge of students’ favorite video games to create this bulletin board tracking the attendance of upper school YA students. Characters featured on the board include Pikachu and Ash from Pokemon, characters from the popular computer game Minecraft, and the timeless Mario!

Every month, our diligent English Language Arts Coordinator, Allison Paul, updates our team strategy board with different English language arts inspired tips. This month, YA scholars are taking the PARCC standardized assessment. Inspired by students’ favorite electronic, the iPhone, Allison created an “iKnow,” where all of the apps are test taking strategies. They include “eating a healthy breakfast” and “crossing out answers you know are wrong.”


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