Presented by Emma Daniels, AmeriCorps member serving on the Bank of America team

In celebration of April as National Poetry month, students have shared poetry with the AmeriCorps members serving at their schools. The following is a poem from a student, Eva*, a 5th-grader. City Year Boston has not edited her poem, and any thoughts or opinions expressed are the student's own. Prefacing the poem, in Eva's words:

"The poem is about my life and what happened in my life. It is about sad things and happy things and how I am much better because I was actually bullied. But I am not bullied anymore and I am stronger." 

I Will Never Follow Your Plan
by Eva

What I love is my family.
Like the air it blows me away.
A thunder of sadness comes into my head
and I cry with blood coming out of me.
What I need is a cure that can cure my heart so bad.

Yet I am fierce.
I will never follow with your plan.
Like the evil is against me
I don’t care what the people say.
They are not going to bring me down.

Who am I?
A girl with the hope that no one bothers me again.
Creepy like the darkness
Come out leave the future and the past alone because what is done is done.

I was bullied like a thunderstorm by boys with a thousand fears.
Yet my heart is pink like the sunset.
Years past and I feel strong and better because those darkened eyes are in the past.
I am not going to let you take another part of me.
Because I am a phenomenal woman
like Maya Angelou said, rest in peace.

*Pen name

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