By Golshan Jalali, corps member serving on the Westfield Capital Management team

Dear Ms. Neville,

Let me start by saying that my year of service would not have been the same without you. You were the first teacher I met when we stepped into the Mildred during a staff professional development day. Then, on the first day of school, I had the opportunity to observe you before we were formally assigned our classroom placements. I was instantly drawn to you because of your lively spirit, passion, and how personable you are. I was fortunate enough to be placed in your 8th grade classroom.    

Being under your wing gave me great insight into teaching and leading a classroom. Your engagement, spunk, and realness toward the students provided me many learning experiences every day. I have been extremely impressed and mesmerized with how you effortlessly draw respect from students—just by being yourself.

Throughout the year, you have been extremely inclusive and open to any opportunities my partner corps member and I were eager to implement in the classroom. From leading mini lessons to creating homework initiatives, worksheets and posters, you always allowed us to be on the “frontlines” alongside you. While we are technically there to support your classroom, when addressing the class, you humbly refer to us as “we” or “three teachers.” It makes my teammate and me feel extremely valued.

Your lighthearted nature and positive outlook were constantly uplifting during strenuous periods. Being placed to serve in your classroom has been a privilege and a defining factor in my service experience. I’ll miss the three of us unwinding with laughter and reflecting over wacky moments of the week during working time block. This experience has blossomed into more than a partnership for me, but a mentorship that I will carry with me past this year. Thank you for inspiring me and bringing joy to my corps year.

Ms. Neville (pictured above) is an 8th grade ELA teacher and lead middle school English language arts teacher at the Mildred Avenue K-8 School in Mattapan. 

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