By Sarah Binning, Communications Coordinator

Every year, thousands of runners worldwide spend months training and racing with one goal in mind: to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This year, nearly 36,000 runners will participate in the event. Among the pack is marathon-fledgling and City Year Boston supporter David Chorney.

The Boston Marathon will be the Suffolk University law student’s second marathon. Ever. 

“I started running cross country and track in sixth grade, but didn’t start to get serious about it until I was a junior in high school,” Chorney said. He carried his passion for distance running with him to Muhlenberg College, where he joined the track and cross country teams.

Until this fall, the longest road race Chorney participated in was 8K. Like many runners, last year’s marathon events inspired him to want to run a marathon. He and a fellow Boston Athletic Association club member decided to run the Lehigh Valley Health Network via Marathon in September. “Our goal was to run a 2:45, which was the slowest time you could run and still have an automatic qualifying time for the Boston marathon.”

Chorney, not only met this goal—he exceeded it by nearly 12 minutes. Clocking in at 2:33, he earned second place in the race. 

Simply qualifying for the Boston Marathon wasn’t enough. Chorney wanted to use this opportunity to raise money for the Boston community and students. “City Year’s mission is invaluable,” he said. “I believe keeping kids on track to graduate is really important goal. Everybody talks about qualities of education reform—I think you can do some of this change politically but the reform actually comes from more of a grassroots level. It comes from educating people and giving them resources to be successful. City Year does that for these students.”

At the marathon on April 21, Chorney hopes to run the marathon in 2:25. To prepare for the race he runs 75 to 80 miles a week.  “The more simplistic I can keep it the better. Staying with the person next to me for as long as possible will be my only goal. Then I’ll try to push myself and say, ‘I’ve got to catch that person who’s 20 seconds ahead of me.’ You just keep doing that and setting small goals along the way.”

We’ll be rooting David across the finish line. You can follow his progress, too, by visiting the Boston Marathon’s website and enter his bib number (243). Anyone interested in supporting his fundraiser are encouraged to donate through his crowdrise page.  

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