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More than 630 students attend Hennigan Elementary School.

Red Jacket Weekend (the kickoff event to City Year’s 25th Anniversary) and Opening Day ceremony were held at our school this year! More than 1,000 volunteers joined us to physically transform the school.

Our Program Manager is Maria Boland Ploessl.

Meet the Bain & Company team serving at Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain:

Bain and Co team 2014

Kelly M., 23, Buxton, ME
Team Leader
When I first started my service a year ago, I realized immediately that it was unlike any of the other professional experiences I had ever had; I genuinely loved going to service in the morning, and all of my students, teammates, and school community members were (and still are) my motivation for serving every day. While I aimed to help teach the students I worked with, I too learned so much from my corps experience. One of the most important things I learned is that I need to pursue a career where I am having a positive impact on my community. I continue to serve with City Year because service has become more than just a "gap year" for me: it has become a way of life. 

Amy G., 23, Plymouth, NH
AmeriCorps VISTA
I serve because I believe in public education. My parents are both teachers, and I was fortunate to attend the public schools in my rural town from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Last year, after graduating from college, I served with City Year at the Dever-McCormack Upper School in Dorchester. I am serving a second year as a VISTA School-Based Data Coordinator because I realized last year how much behind-the-scenes work must happen to help support student success. Ultimately, I choose to serve with City Year to give back to our public education system and pay forward all the support and kindness I received from my own teachers and mentors. 

Mallorey B., 22, Wallingford, CT
Corps Member
I serve because I need to be a part of a cause that is bigger than myself. With so much injustice in the world, it is easy to feel like one person is too small to make a difference. I chose to devote a year of my life to City Year because I believe that a quality education is necessary for anyone to reach his or her potential. My path to an education has been smoother than many others. I believe it is my time to inspire others who need support, just as I needed it. I serve because of Ubuntu, the Zulu proverb that links all of our humanity to each other. Compassion, tolerance, and understanding are what this world needs to become a happier and safer place for all. I serve to make a difference where it is most needed and to build a strong community, nation and world. 

Ellen B., 22, South Bend, IN
Corps Member
For as long as I can remember my family stressed the importance of giving to one's community. While I always understood the importance of service, I did not feel passionately connected to a cause until I served with an education-based AmeriCorps program in college. In the following years at the University of Notre Dame, I learned to tie my passion for social justice and education to further action. This finally culminated in my application to City Year Boston, whose unique combination of leadership development and proven positive impact on the American dropout crisis appealed to me. I am excited to continue learning about the Hennigan community and to serve with them to support the bright futures of our students! 

Sam C., 21, Pottstown, PA
Corps Member
Growing up, I was unaware of the reasons I was able to achieve my potential. These reasons are the people who invested time, labor, and love helped me grow. My personal, cultural, and intellectual growth would have been impossible without adults who were willing to listen to my story, challenge my ways of thinking and ultimately, believe in my potential. Their support, love, and acceptance provided the support I needed and gently guided me further along in my development. I serve so that I may pay forward those acts that have led me to where I stand now. Without knowing where my path is leading, I serve to open my eyes and heart more fully and to display my unwavering belief in the potential of every individual whose path crosses mine in the hope that my passion will connect to the larger social justice movement. 

Hailey C., 22, Plymouth, MA
Corps Member
Throughout college I was very interested in student motivation, academic achievement, and literacy interventions for off track students. As I was learning and researching, I realized that, as much as I loved being in academia, I was being called to action. I did not just want to research the dropout crisis anymore; I wanted to serve the students and communities affected by it. I realize I am fortunate to have received a wonderful education throughout my life and believe all children deserve the same opportunity. I serve so that all children may reach their full potential. 

Sarah G., 22, Columbus, OH
Corps Member
I serve because I believe in a serving a cause greater than myself. Service has always been an illuminating passion in my life, and becoming part of City Year allows me to put my whole self into a cause that I truly care about: equality in education. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be given a high quality education and depend on a strong, positive support system. I was always told I was capable and believed I could do anything I put my mind to. I believe every child is capable of success and deserves the same opportunities that I had because I believe high quality education is a human right, not a privilege. 

Ryan G., 23, Arnold, MD
Corps Member
I serve because of those who served me: my teachers and my mentors. They are the ones who first helped me follow Max along on his wild rumpus in Where the Wild Things Are. They taught me that math is a story, history is an investigation, and writing is a collage. They taught me how to shoot a ball, play a chord, tell a joke in Mandinka, and climb a mountain. They taught me to find my world through a lens, and then they taught me how to share what I found. They taught me, most of all, that there is nothing more exciting, more fulfilling and more worthwhile than learning. I serve to share what they taught me. 

Shawn H, 23, Avondale Estates, GA
Corps Member
The reason why I chose to serve with City Year was to remind myself that I did not get to this point in my life by myself. It took a community of people who invested their time to support, encourage, and motivate me. Also, another reason why I chose to serve was because it gives me a platform to highlight my failures and tell others how I turned them into successes. I look forward to serving the Hennigan Elementary School community and being another source of support and encouragement. 

Mayte M., 19, Roxbury, MA
Corps MemberSince I was a little girl I have had two passions: becoming a teacher and serving others. Since joining City Year just a couple of months ago, those roles have become even more meaningful to me. Helping students stay on track to graduate makes me realize that I am making a difference not only in their lives, but also in mine. 

Wendy S., 23, Singapore
Corps Member
The reason why I serve is because working with children and helping them reach their full potential is a passion of mine. When I was younger I was fortunate to get the one-on-one time that I needed in Elementary School. Sometimes, it can be difficult for children to get the one-on-one time that they need so they can do their best in school. Children are full of life, have lots of energy, and under the right conditions can enjoy learning. I want to become an elementary school teacher, and I plan to major in education in college. Working with children before I start my studies will act as real-world experience and will be an opportunity to do something I enjoy. 

Meredith T., 22, Wayland, MA
Corps Member
My academic and occupational goals, including my interest in national service, are unequivocally owed to my brother, Jonathan. Jon has Cerebral Palsy, and the prevalent, pervasive examples of ableism we've encountered as a family help to ignite my passions for social justice across all facets of identity, including culture, race, religion, gender, sex, sexuality, and socio-economic status. I believe that all kinds of bodies and minds have immeasurable value and, by extension, every child and adult has the right to education. City Year's service in Boston public schools supports each and every student to excel in school and beyond. I serve to expand normative definitions of "smart" or "talented,” and further the potential of inclusion-based classrooms. 

Jolan W., 21, Newark, DE
Corps Member
I serve because the barriers to education experienced by inner city students is a major social issue that concerns me. Inner-city students often face circumstances such as limited after-school opportunities that can affect their educational experience. The motto at my alma mater, Spelman College, is “A Choice to Change the World.” Through my service with City Year I plan to help bridge this achievement gap and end the dropout crisis. As a corps member, I hope to create lifelong learners motivated to improving themselves and this country, and to instill in my students that they too have the ability to change the world.