Friday, September 12, 2014 marked the official 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps. Programs from across the country gathered in different cities to celebrate the extraordinary impact AmeriCorps members have had over the last 20 years. City Year Chicago's 206 AmeriCorps members traveled to Springfield, Illinois to celebrate this day with other AmeriCorps members from around the state. Here are some of the photos.

City Year Chicago's AmeriCorps members pose take a large group photo outside of the historic Illinois State Capital.

Daniel Ouellette, an AmeriCorps member serving in Chicago, participates on Deloitte's interactive "Before I die I want to..." board during Illinois' AmeriCorps Opening Day festivities. Many of the comments made on this board had to do with national service and making difference, while others (like Daniel's) had to do with big aspirations and dreams for their own future.

A group of City Year members pose with a fellow AmeriCorps member who is also serving the state of Illinois. AmeriCorps members from across the state had a chance to interact over a luncheon and share their personal stories of service.

To see other photos from City Year members celebrating AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary, visit the City Year Blog!

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