City Year Chicago corps members participated in an entrance survey at the beginning of the year which captured such information as their education and fields of study, interests and passions, and skills. The results are in, and some of them may shock you…




Corps members spend a lot of time in school in order to assist in lowering the national dropout rate, but they spent a lot of time in the classroom before they donned the Red Jacket.


Of our 206 corps members;

1% attained Associate Degrees

1% attained a Bachelor in Social Work

3% are in the process of attaining a degree

8% are high school graduates

16% attained a Bachelor of Science

57% attained a Bachelor of Arts


Of those college grads;

6% studied Social Work

7% studied English

9% studied Biology

11% studied Sociology

23% studied Psychology


It’s interesting to see so many individuals represented in the sciences, both natural and social, serving in the Corps. We are curious if our sister-sites see these same types of numbers in their Corps’, or if specific sites attract specific degrees.




The foundation of City Year is the team, and in order for a team to function at full capacity, you have to know what your teammates are passionate about. We asked corps members to share their passions with us, and here are some of the top responses.


5% identified Youth Development as their passion

6% of the Corps defined their passion as Helping Other People

9% of the Corps individuals described their passion as fighting for Social Justice

12% of members identified Education as their biggest passion


So there you have it! The City Year Chicago Corps is made up of diverse, educated individuals representing numerous fields and interests. While we’re seeing an influx of members with backgrounds in the sciences, we still see strong representation from future educators.


We’ll be taking a deeper dive into our Corps and their experiences in the following weeks and examine the work City Year does on the ground level. 

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