Last year, a Denver teacher (and City Year Washington D.C. alumna!), Kyle Schwartz, introduced a project to her class entitled “I Wish My Teacher Knew,” as a way to get to know her class better.


The project was a success, and provided a window for Kyle to peak into the lives of her students. When speaking to the Denver Post about how her project had gone viral via Twitter, Schwartz said “"It was really eye-opening. What they shared was very honest, very vulnerable, and it helped me understand who my students are as people."


AmeriCorps member Katerina shares how she feels about her students, even when they're not there!


In thinking about the impact that this project has had on classrooms around the country that have used it, we wanted to give it a try!


City Year AmeriCorps members serve as direct support for teachers in classrooms, working with them to identify students who require support with their attendance, behavior, and course performance (in Math and English). The identified students are placed on an AmeriCorps members’ Focus List, who will work with them both in and out of the classroom in setting specific goals, and benchmarks so that students can track their progress.


City Year AmeriCorps members are using the #IWishMyStudentsKnew campaign to show their students just how much our members care about them


Given that students work so closely with their AmeriCorps members, and that the majority of their time together is spent working, sometimes it can be difficult for our members to convey just how much their students mean to them, or how closely their own life experiences align with those of their students.


The City Year team serving at McNair Elementary were excited to share what they wish their students knew!


For that reason, we kicked off our #IWishMyStudentsKnew campaign in April to begin showcasing what our members wished their students knew about them to help boost their confidence, especially as AmeriCorps members are beginning to approach the end of their year of service.


During April, we’ll be sharing what our members wished their students knew, and later on in the year, we’ll be asking them to share that with their students!


City Year AmeriCorps member ZJ Cruz shares what she wishes her students knew about her 


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