At City Year, our members defy the phrase most used when referring to young people; the leaders of tomorrow. 

Members are presented with opportunities to lead throughout the year, whether it be on their school team, during independent service events, or though committees such as Corps Council (which acts as the mouthpiece for the corps). These opportunities are peppered throughout the year, and it allows for corps members to take a break from their day-to-day role of creating lesson plans and working with students in order to undertake in some leadership development. One position in particular, however, thrusts you into the leadership spotlight from Day 1 until Graduation, and challenges members in ways that differ from their first-year experience.

Team Leaders are responsible for managing their individual school-based team for the entire year, and in Chicago, Team Leaders are made up of corps members who have already experienced a year in the program. This second year is vastly different from their first year, however, mainly due to the fact that Team Leaders no longer work directly with students - while they interact with them, their main role in this position is to be a constant resource to their 6-12 person teams. 

Our Team Leaders from 2014-2015 helped inspire next year's leaders to apply and prepare for their new position

As we prepare for the next batch of corps members to arrive in August, we will begin introducing some of the individuals who will be leading them into their year of service. They will share both why they decided to join City Year in the first place, and why they decided to don the Red Jacket for another year of service. 

Meet future Service Leader Molly Stuber! 

Get introduced to future Team Leader Marcus Wright! 

Hear why future Team Leader Tracey Bell decided to return for a second City Year! 

Daniel Hodgman shares why he's lacing up his Timberland's for one more year!


More to come! 



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