For over 10 years, City Year AmeriCorps members and alumni have proudly participated in Make a Difference Day, the largest day of national community service, spreading the impact of idealistic volunteers throughout the country.

On Saturday October 24th, the Piccolo School of Excellence in Humboldt Park will play host to approximately 100 volunteers to engage in 25 projects which include; painting inspirational and motivational murals throughout the hallways, completing light construction projects, and transforming outdoor recreational spaces for the students. 

It didn't take long for students to enjoy the updates to their playground last year at Dvorak after Make a Difference Day 2014

As we’ve been preparing for the service event at Piccolo, their staff are very excited to see the impact that volunteers from across Chicago will have – especially from Principal Abello, who has a powerful vision for the climate he would like to cultivate at Piccolo.

Some volunteers will be painting school logos and the slogan ‘Proud to Piccolo’ in strategic areas around the school, which see a lot of foot-traffic throughout the day.

In addition to these murals, volunteers will also be helping the staff at Piccolo adapt a few of their intervention spaces.

Principal Abello, his staff, and we at City Year believe that, when students are struggling, having effective interventions, and intervention spaces, can make all the difference in their success. Keeping that in mind, some volunteers will be repainting one of Piccolo’s ‘Peace Rooms’ to create a comfortable environment, while other volunteers will be transforming one hallway intervention space into a ‘College Readiness Corner;’ a space filled with college logos and quotes meant to inspire students to continue their education.

This mural depicting the road of education was desgined by one of the students at Dvorak last year

We would like to thank the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company for their involvement in this Make a Difference Day. Not only are they sponsoring our event here in Chicago, but as a part of their Mars Volunteer Program, we will see a number of Wrigley employees coming out to join us at Piccolo. We're looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Some of our members along with volunteers from the Chicago Fire! Thanks to all of our corporate partners who's employees come out to serve! 

For more background on Make a Difference Day, including some past projects, feel free to visit our post from last year, when we served at the Dvorak School of Excellence in North Lawndale!


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