Throughout our year of service, there are only a handful of instances in which our entire Corps is together. We cherish these moments, and we use some of that time to recognize corps members whom are doing outstanding work in their school's. Members are nominated by their team, which makes the moment that much more special because they were chosen by their peers. 

Due to time concerns, when we nominate members we are only able to recognize 11 of our 22 teams (we have 21 teams serving in schools, as well as our Civic Engagement team!). Now that the end of the year is quickly approaching, we want to recognize the nominees from each of our 22 teams. 

We have asked teams to take to social media to nominate their selection for Idealist22, and they've been responding in force! Below are the nominations that we have so far. Enjoy!



The nomination for the Civic Engagement Team

The nomination for the Saucedo team

The Kelyn Park team's nomination


Team Dulles' nomination 


The newest nominees for Idealist22 have been chosen! Click here to see them. 


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