After a fun, relaxing, and cookie-filled break at home, it is back to school and back to making better happen. However, it is not with sadness that I am returning to work. Do not get me wrong though -- I definitely enjoyed some time off, but it would be a lie to say that I did not miss the children and my team over break.

So here we are, back and smiling, waiting for the children’s arrival. And just like that, they are getting off the buses and running towards us with arms wide open. We are greeted with hugs, smiles, and many, many stories.

It is an exciting time of year because we have started to see the progress that we have made with our students. One student of mine who struggled with reading at the beginning of the year is now thoroughly enjoying it. We have seen improvements in class quizzes, tests, and classwork.

Progress is also evident when students who previously required much help work through math problems step-by-step on their own. This month, the students will be taking a middle of the year standardized test. This test will officially show us how far they have come! Also, by this time, most of us have formed close relationships with several of our students. These relationships help us to better help the students with schoolwork, behavior, and general advice.

I came into City Year knowing that I wanted to help the children, but I did not know how much they would help me! Their smiling faces and jokes make me smile and laugh every single day and make coming to work bright and early much easier.
I look forward to the rest of the school year that I get to spend with my supportive and fabulous team as well as with the incredible and unforgettable children!

By AmeriCorps Member Arianna Jordan


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