By: Imari Lloyd, AmeriCorps Member at Linden McKinley STEM Academy

Women’s History Month celebrates and recognizes the achievements, contributions and narratives of astonishing role models and women in both past and present society. I have the honor to serve in the same space as a phenomenal woman here at Linden McKinley STEM Academy: Mrs. Teari Buari, the Diplomas Now Math Coach.

Rich in wisdom, service and knowledge, Mrs. Buari was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, graduated from South High School, and is the amazing mother of three sons who all have graduated from Columbus City Schools.

Mrs. Buari has been a part of the education field for 14 years, nine of which were spent as an educator at Walnut Ridge High School teaching grades 9-12. Before becoming a teacher, she was a secretary with Columbus City Schools. An opportunity arose where she could become a certified teacher which she took advantage of in the field of math.

It’s not always easy being an educator even more so being a person of color working within this field. “Some days positive impacts peek through and other days it seems so far off, but there’s so much work to be done with our urban youth and often time is a slow process,” Buari said. “It’s a huge responsibility and that’s how I approach it every day.”

What makes Mrs. Buari special to me is that I see her exceed beyond the role of just being a math coach. She’s an amazing friend, mentor and advocate for many students and staff here at LMSA. Always willing to help everyone, I see her connect with so many students on multiple levels from support and advocating for them, to giving advice and helping them with academics. Mrs. Buari has also had positive impact on my service year by always being so welcoming, supportive and easy to talk with. The wisdom and perspective she’s shared with me not only translates into my work life but personal as well.

I asked Mrs. Buari if she had any advice to share with the women and girls of the world. “Be true to you, be kind to others and use every opportunity to impact wisdom and knowledge into a young person,” she said.

She embodies this with her style and grace every day!

Happy Women’s History Month!

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