By: Abigayle Lutz       

Dymonica Hurdle, Impact Manager at Linden McKinley STEM Academy (LMSA), has a heart for service and a passion for the Linden community. Her love for Linden stems from spending a lot of time in the area with her extended family when she was younger. Dymonica went away to college at the University of Cincinnati, double majoring in Journalism and Communications, but her life has really come full circle, bringing her back to Columbus and Linden. 


So how did City Year lead Dymonica back to her roots? Her journey of service with City Year started with knowing a City Year Columbus Alum. She heard great stories and nothing but good things about City Year from her friend. Dymonica knew she wanted to live a life of service, but didn’t know exactly what to do after college. Her experience in tutoring and mentoring and eagerness to serve others made City Year a perfect opportunity. Dymonica applied to City Year Columbus, got in, and then was contacted and asked if she would like to be a Team Leader, as opposed to the corps member position for which she applied. 


It’s important to note that it is uncommon to have first year corps members come in as Team Leaders, but Dymonica said yes to her new leadership position. Her role as Team Leader at LMSA revolved around her team, ensuring that corps members were working well together as well as maintaining positive relationships with their students. She fell in love with City Year and came back for another year of service, this time as an Impact Manager for LMSA. In this position, Dymonica continues to ensure that her team is cohesive and manages corps members, acting in their best interest. She works behind the scenes to “make it happen.” This means she is more data focused- comparing students’ grades, making sure that students receive the proper amount of tutoring and interventions, and sustaining successful partnerships within the school. This year Dymonica aspires to make LMSA a “poppin!” impactful school space and would also really like to see the students who didn't pass last year proceed to the next grade.   


Dymonica is dedicated to City Year and LMSA, and has an active life outside of work. She loves wandering and exploring Columbus, and says that she learns something new about the city every week. One of her favorite places is the Franklinton Arts District, home to the Urban Scrawl Arts Festival, because she enjoys art. Dymonica’s devotion to service to a cause greater than herself is evident through her compassionate attitude when she speaks about City Year, Linden, and the students she works alongside.   

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