We’re constantly using the blog to discuss the Corps Member perspective of the City Year experience. But how have the students responded? I sat down with ten elementary school students to get their perspective on having a City Year in their classroom, and here is what they said: 

What is City Year? 

“City Year is a program that helps kids and school. And it is a fun program that helps you learn more.” 

“City Year is a kind of program that helps kids.” 

“It’s a program that helps you in school. Another thing is they are trying to make the school a better 


“City Year are people that help others.” 

“To me City Year is helpful.” 


How does City Year help you? 

“City Year helps me by cheering me on. If I am sad they make me happy.” 

“City Year can help you by encouraging you in school to succeed.” 

“City Year helps me control my behavior and [by] making a big smile on my face. City Year helps me 

catch sunshine in my face.” 

“They help you never give up in school.” 


What was your first impression of City Year? 

“I was happy because I was going to have a lot of help.” 

“My first impression was how much they work by helping the teachers when they need help.” 

“City Year is smart.” 

“That I like City Year because they’re nice.” 

“My first impression about City Year is that they join City Year to help kids.” 

“[They were] helping other people and listening so they could be respectful.” 

“They don’t give up on you they are trying their best. They work all over the world to help you.”


If you could tell students who have never met a City Year Corps Member one thing about us, what 

would it be? 

“Something that I will tell someone about City Year is that they are awesome!” 

“I will tell them that City Year is fun.” 

“City Year would help get their life get better and help them make more bigger smiles!” 

“I would tell them that they want students to be very smart and successful.” 

“That City Year are the most fun and cheerful people in the world.” 


Would you join City Year? Why or why not? 

“I would join City Year because I want to help people and I care about them getting an education.” 

“I think I would join City Year because I want to help make big smiles on kids’ faces.” 

“I would because I want to help kids.”

“I think I will join City Year because it looks kind of fun.” 

“I would join City Year so I can help students succeed in school.” 

“I will not be doing City Year because I will be a doctor.” 


Of course, doing City Year and becoming a doctor are not mutually exclusive. But I love that she dreams big!

By: Anna Mitchell

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