The students and faculty of Jean Ribault High School are feeling appreciated and motivated thanks to an energizing donati on from the school’s team sponsor, Acosta Sales and Marketing. Acosta worked with City Year’s team  to brand 350 portable phone chargers with the Ribault name and logo, and the team plans to use the chargers as incentives to increase positive behavior and attendance school-wide. The administrative team is thankful for the donations from Acosta, which helped City Year to boost morale and recognize those who are showing leadership in school. 

In April, Acosta plans to appreciate the faculty of Jean Ribault High School by serving a buffet-style breakfast to kick off their busiest month. Teachers will be using April to gear up for the rigorous testing month of May; City Year and Acosta’s partnership in this breakfast shows their support and encouragement to keep teachers motivated through the long hours they work to prepare students for testing. 

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Written by Allison Cook, proud Program Manager serving on the Acosta team at Jean Ribault High School



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