Arianna is a proud AmeriCorps member serving on the CSX Team at Northwestern Middle School. If you like Arianna's story, follow her on Twitter @Arianna072795



What were you doing before City Year?

"Before City Year, I was in school at FSCJ majoring in Physical Therapy. I was also trying out for the ROAR team of the Jacksonville Jaguars."

Why did you choose to serve?

"I chose to serve because I believe there is a solvable problem here in DCPS. I want the privileges I received in DCPS Southside schools to be the same privileges my students on the Northside receive."

How have you been challenged?

"Earlier in the year, I struggled to understand the environment my students come from. I had to become a learner of their culture - something I still do now on a daily basis. I challenge myself to understand and be quick to judge in an effort to meet my students where they are. I have not only learned more about my students through this process, but much about myself."

City Year culture is a big part of your service year. What was your favorite culture piece. Why?

"Power Greeting is my favorite piece of culture because it connects to a huge passion of mine, cheerleading. Power Greeting and cheerleading both get me excited and motivate the students/crowd to be all in the game."

How have you been personally impacted?

"I have realized that I am a go-to person for many students and people in general. I have realized that I am a role model- a positive big sister for most."

How do you know you've made an impact?

"I know I have impacted my students because I am present everyday, my students confide in me and I am the person to push them to do the right thing."

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of job would make you rich?

"I would be a professional cheerleader!"

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