CJ is a proud AmeriCorps Team Leader serving on the Ever Bank Team at the Leadership Academies at Butler Middle School.

What were you doing before City Year?

"Before City Year I was an average college student studying Criminal Justice and Entertainment. I was also working as a Camp Counselor."


Why did you choose to serve?

"I chose to serve because I wanted to make an impact in the lives of others, and I continue to serve to show the students I work with that somebody cares about them and their future."

How have you been challenged?

"I have expanded the way I look at and approach everyday situations. It was a challenge because I was used to seeing things from my singular point of view. I had a bad habit of not taking other peoples' ideas into account, and in the long run, it started to affect my relationships with others. Throughout this year I learned to be more of a team member."

City Year culture is a big part of your service year. What was your favorite culture piece. Why?

"My favorite piece of City Year culture is The City Year Pledge. I love this because each time I say it I am making a dedication to myself, my students and the community I serve."

How have you been personally impacted?

"I am impacted when I see the smiles of students who have made gains. Maybe they took home A/B honor or maybe they just didn't get in trouble for a month. Each individual progress lets me know that change is possible."

How do you know you've made an impact?

"I know I have made an impact when my students are eager to learn from me. When my students strive to make themselves and me proud I know I have made an impact."

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of job would make you rich?

"If happiness was an currency I would work in education. Happiness is the joy I get when I see students achieve something that they thought was impossible."

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