Blog by Nadia Anderson, AmeriCorps member on the EverBank team serving at The Leadership Schools at Eugene Butler Middle School.

People join City Year for a variety of reasons: they want to become a teacher, they are taking a break from college, they want to give back to their hometown, they have a passion for service, and too many others too name. One thing that is true for everyone who joined City Year, they are not here for the glory. Although, it is always appreciated when we hear thanks and gratitude from our students, partner teachers, schools, parents, and the community.  

In the short time that I have been a City Year AmeriCorps Member, I have learned that sometimes you will not hear the word thank you or that you are appreciated, but that should never be the motivation to keep making a difference. One thing that we as a team at Butler are trying to do, is teach our students that they should want to make a positive difference because it is the right thing to do and not just because they will get something for it. While setting this standard, we as City Year AmeriCorps Members, are setting the example. 

During our time here, we can already see small changes in the students. They come up to us and tell us that they appreciate our presence. Not only has this gratitude come from the students, but it has also come from the faculty and staff at the school. I am happy that we are receiving so much praise, but that is not our reason for being here. Our mission is to help the students and the communities they live in become the best they can be.

As November is the month of thanks, I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only my fellow City Year AmeriCorps members and staff, but also the students, staff, faculty, and people in the school who allow us to make ripples that will change Bulter, Jacksonville, and the world.

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