By this time of the year, students know the whereabouts of the Florida Blue Team at Andrew Jackson High School like they personally tied our shoes. We know their class schedules and they know ours. They know our expectations of them, how to make us laugh and how much we care for them. They’re our students and we are their City Year. 

March is here already, and much has changed since September, December, February and even last week. This month was a trying time for students across the state of Florida as they prepared to put their hard work to the test in taking the Florida State Assessment (FSA). This week, our students took the writing portion of the FSA, a portion of the test that they worked so diligently to get to. During test week, the Florida Blue Team at Andrew Jackson High School encourages all students to perform at their best before they start and eagerly waits to congratulate them once they finish. Regardless of being away from the assuring face of their AmeriCorps members, experiencing technical difficulties or test anxiety, the students came to do what they have been preparing for: take the FSA. In that moment, each student became our student, and we, the reassuring face of perseverance.

For AmeriCorps members, it is difficult watching all students leave the room drained, exhausted and not knowing how they performed. Yet, their leaving the room also  meant they faced a big fear and completed an important objective. In light of this positive outlook, we shared a moment of victory. 

Spring break is just around the corner and the end of the third quarter is quickly approaching. More is to come of the FSA testing and one thing is for certain, the students that will prepare for those tests, fill those chairs, and make those scores may not be students that reach the focus list of AmeriCorps members, but they are still our students.

Written by De'Arbreya Lee, proud City Year AmeriCorps member serving on the Florida Blue Team at Andrew Jackson High School


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