Serving as an AmeriCorps Member with City Year is more than a job. You will be a role model for our community and part of something bigger than yourself.

City Year recognizes that our ambitious goals for transformational change can only be realized through disciplined, rigorous, tireless attention to detail.  Excellence is both an inspiring vision and a daily practice.

In this section, we’ve included some organizational policies and standards that are especially important to know prior to the start of your service.



Consistent and reliable attendance is essential for performing excellent service.

The following is City Year’s attendance policy as taken directly from the AmeriCorps Member Service Agreement:

  •  City Year L.A. grants organizational holidays.

    Additionally, members may request up to 12 personal days; those members who begin serving mid-year may request up to 6 personal days. Personal days can be used for illnesses, doctor’s appointments, childcare emergencies, bereavement, academic or career visits/interviews, or to observe a specific ethnic, religious or cultural holiday not officially celebrated by the program.

    Maximum allowable personal days are based on the number of service days available during the Program year and the average number of days needed for a member to complete the minimum number of hours required for AmeriCorps. Exceeding allotted personal days will result in dismissal from the program. 

    • Senior members whose service begins in July may request up to 14 personal days.
    • Members who are parents or primary legal caregivers for an adult (and submit documented proof of that status) are allowed 2 additional days in each half of the program year (a total of 16 personal days for seniors and 14 days for first years). Members must sign an agreement to make up missed hours for these additional days.


Why is the attendance policy important?  It’s important to keep in mind that this is your year of service and that your students, teachers and community are investing in you to be there.  National service program’s hours requirements (1,700 hours to be exact) are no small feat. These attendance requirements are ultimately in place to ensure that we are fulfilling our service commitments to the community as well as enabling corps members to meet the necessary hours requirements for successful graduation.

Do I have to get approval in advance to use my personal days?  Yes.  AmeriCorps members must request approval in advance from their supervisor to use their allotted personal days.  If a corps member fails to receive approval for a day off and does not report to service, it will count as an unexcused absence and the corps member will not be paid for this day.  In addition, the corps member will be subject to the professional accountability system.

Are there any breaks in service?  Yes!  1,700 hours of service packed into 10 ½ months is crazy enough and it would be even crazier if there weren’t any breaks in the year.  Since we follow LA Unified School District instructional calendar, AmeriCorps members are typically off when class is not in session.  These breaks typically include most federal holidays and LAUSD’s winter break (late December to early January), which is the longest period of time that AmeriCorps members have off.

Please note you will be in service:

  • On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, a national day of service for City Year across the country
  • During LAUSD’s spring break, which typically takes place in April

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The City Year uniform is a public symbol of a full-time commitment to service. Each time corps members put on the uniform; they are representatives of City Year, citizen service, and AmeriCorps. Corps members become trustees of the relationship between these organizations and the communities in which we serve. Wearing the uniform carries the important responsibility of representing City Year and its mission with excellence and inspiring others. As community leaders and role models (whether in uniform or professional attire) corps members are expected to maintain a positive public image.


The @CityYear uniform means accessibility. Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. #cyacademy #spiritweek

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Why do we wear uniforms? 

The uniform represents your dedication to City Year and to the children and communities that we serve. It is a powerful and visible symbol that helps to:

  • Promote the idea of citizen service and the values of City Year to the general public;
  • Instill a sense of spirit, discipline, purpose, and pride in all City Year members;
  • Establish a spirit of unity and connection among all City Year corps, alumni and staff;
  • Add a sense of stewardship for the organization’s relationship with the community;
  • Focus on each person’s unique skills, contributions and personality rather than wardrobe;
  • Provide children, youth and members of the community with a sense of the reliability and continuity of City Year, even though they work with different AmeriCorps members each year;
  • Identify each corps and staff member as part of City Year, a recognizable symbol of hope, idealism and inspiration; and
  • Express our full-time commitment to solving social problems, training outstanding new leaders and building a more beloved and just community, democracy, nation and world.

While service only lasts for 10 months and different groups of AmeriCorps member serve in our communities and schools each year, the uniform is one of the lasting legacies that provide continuity to those we serve.

How much do the uniforms cost?

Most of your uniform will be provided for free, by City Year and our national sponsor ARAMARK. You will have to provide a few components that many corps member often already own and can easily be used after your year of service.

What are the parts of a City Year Uniform? Your uniform will consist of shirts, fleece vest, cardigan, bomber jacket, all-weather jacket, backpack, ID card, lanyard and nametag.  Many of the uniform parts will have the City Year and AmeriCorps logo embroidered on them.

City Year Provided Uniform Items (Quantity):

You will need to provide your own: (see requirements below)

  • Khaki pants  
  • Black shoes
  • Plain black belt
  • Socks

How will I order my City Year issued uniform parts?

You will be ordering your City Year-issued uniform pieces over the summer through an online portal, similar to ordering from any other online marketplace or store. Keep a look out in the newsletters for more details, including the link and step-by-step instructions.  

When will I receive my uniform?  

It takes a few weeks for your complete set of uniform parts to arrive after service has already started.

Do I have to wear the Uniform every day?

Once you receive your uniform, you will need to wear it every day in service. Your shirts will always need to be tucked in and ironed, your pants hemmed and ironed, and you should always be wearing your nametag along with your ID card and lanyard.

What will I wear until I receive my uniform?

For in-person registration and basic training academy, you must wear business casual clothing.  Please be prepared to serve in professional dress for up to 4 weeks.

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