Q. How would you describe City Year’s impact at Stevenson?  

A. “City Year supports our teachers in high-need classrooms and has positively impacted our after-school program by taking it from a social meeting hour to an academic focus. 

Regarding behavior, City Year has helped our school cut our students’ tardiness by more than 50% by instilling in our students the importance of getting to class on time and ready to work.” 

Q. How do City Year AmeriCorps members make a difference in student’s lives? 
A. “First and foremost, City Year AmeriCorps members are positive role models for our students to look up to. They embody everything that teachers and administrators are trying to inculcate in students – namely that education should be their primary focus and that going to college should be their ultimate goal. The fact that Stevenson’s City Year corps members have just completed their degree makes for a really positive role model they can look up to, especially in our school.” 

Q. Can you share an example?
A. “Last year, we had a student with ongoing misbehavior whose focus was not on academics – and instead on creating drama. After all of last year in City Year, it is refreshing to see that she is no longer getting into trouble, and it is reflected in the grades she is receiving this year. I am really proud of her progress. Last year, in the spring semester she had a 1.83 and right now she has a 2.83. Her behavior cannot be measured by a GPA, but it has improved a lot, and I attribute that to her consistent attendance in City Year’s After School Program and to her having a corps member in her classes.” 

Q. Why is City Year’s work important at Stevenson and other schools like it? 
A. “It is necessary work because where else would a school be able to benefit from the help of recent college graduates whose whole purpose is to support the students at Stevenson. 

The Tier 2 support that corps members provide during school, after school, and sometimes even Saturdays, demonstrates the corps members’ commitment. . . Anytime a student is able to see that an adult is taking time away from their everyday life to support them that yields very positive results. You all are a consistent adult figure in their life.  

Academically speaking, the ongoing assessments City Year provides and is involved in, like ongoing Math and ELA assessments. . . really help us show students the importance of their learning. We are once again looking forward to City Year supporting our school in preparing our students for the upcoming Smarter Balanced exams.”

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