Q. How does City Year help build a positive school culture and climate?
A. It’s City Year’s first year here at 93rd Street and they’ve already made an impact. Just AmeriCorps members’ talking to students throughout the day makes a huge difference. Many of our parents work, a lot of our students are in foster care programs, so a lot of kids don’t get significant time with adults. They lack a lot of social skills because of it. City Year helps with relationship-building and trust. 

Q. How does having a City Year mentor in a student's life make a difference? 
A. The mentorship is extremely important. 93rd Street Elementary has had many behavioral issues in the past. I remember when there was an incident with a 5th grade student earlier in the year, when a City Year member was trying to work with a student, the student got frustrated, and basically cussed out the corps member. Then I remember seeing months later that same student and corps member playing at recess, talking and having a positive conversation, building a relationship. The people at City Year are so important.

Q. What do parents think of City Year?
A. There was one parent of a 4th grade student who told me how much an impact the City Year member has had on her daughter, feeling competent and believing in herself. She was very happy to have her daughter in the City Year After-School Program because of it.  

Q. In your own words, why is City Year's work necessary?
A. The daily interactions that City Year provides, bringing that positivity to each student they work with. City Year does a great job of bringing great people within the program. This work is important – working alongside staff and teachers collaboratively brings a school-wide effort. The City Year team shows they care every day to our students. 

Q. What will be the lasting legacy of the 2014-15 City Year corps at 93rd Street Elementary?
A. The legacy will be how well-run and impactful it was in building relationships with students. The team is well-informed of what is going on in and around our school community and it knows the needs of our students. They really care for kids.

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