Over the course of a City Year, every AmeriCorps member will affect the lives of students in a different way. But one special team has a very different role in our goal to bring positive change to our communities.

Melvin, Jasmine-Joy, and Carina cultivate change that extends beyond the classroom. They are members of the Comcast NBCUniversal Civic Engagement team, a small group of dedicated individuals who work to transform the climate of our schools, one mural at a time.Take a look at the faces (and hearts) behind the brushes.

Carina Romero-Castro, Project Leader 
As a Project Leader, I have been able to give back to the children in our communities in a very unique way. With our work we are able to bring color and happiness into these schools for the children who go there. I love serving because I want our future generations to feel motivated to go to school, have a fun place to play and learn, and for students to know that there are people that do care for their future.

Melvin Noriega, Project Leader
I absolutely love being a Project Leader in CYLA’s Civic Engagement Team because the position itself offers the expansion of physical, professional, and creative skills. The biggest reason I love the work though, is that it allows me to beautify learning spaces across the city. In every school that we transform, we make a lasting impact capable of elevating students’ moods for years to come.

Jasmine-Joy Cason, Project Leader
Being on the Civic Engagement team means that the sky is not the limit! To me, walking into a space and seeing it transform reminds me and shows everyone a physical representation of the work that is happening in schools everyday. It's a privilege and honor to be able to create murals that will continue to inspire students and their communities to always reach for the stars for years to come.

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