Jamie McKnight
  • Recruitment Director



Corps Years: '06-'07

Why I Serve: I recruit because I believe all students have the right to quality education which is the conduit to achieving one’s dreams.

Fun Fact: I enjoy people watching from my window - old lady style.

Advice: Leave them wanting more. (less is more!)

Rod Swain
  • Senior Recruitment Manager



Why I Serve: I recruit to bring other young adults into the national service movement, which means so much to me.

Fun Fact: I used to worked as a loose leaf tea salesman

Advice: Have a genuine passion for service and show your commitment to helping children graduate from high school.

UnoBlessed Coons
  • Senior Recruitment Manager



City Year Washington DC 08-09 & 09-10

Why I Recruit: I am committed to strengthening our communities by helping young people find what they are passionate about.

Fun Fact: Impromptu dance parties are my favorite.

Advice: Talk to a recruiter! We want you to feel confident that you are the diverse leader we are looking for.

Todd Marsh
  • Recruitment Manager



Cleveland- '11 and '12

Why I Serve: I serve because I believe a year of service will spark lifelong leaders, commitment to improving the lives of others

Fun Fact: I grew 7 inches from the beginning of 7th grade until the beginning of 8th grade

Advice: City Year has given me the tools and skills to be the person I want to be in the world. Be open to learning from others as much as possible and immerse yourself in the city you serve.

Will Reichardt
  • Recruitment Manager



9-10- San Jose 10-11-Milwaukee

Why I Serve: I serve to be a community partner in the fight against the high school dropout crisis and the achievement gap.

Fun Fact: I have been skydiving 3 times but never been on a rollercoaster.

Advice: Give yourself a "heart check” to be sure that you are interested in serving communities with City Year as oppose to working with communities in City Year. Setting oneself in a posture of service can make all the difference in your City Year!

Marcus Sumrall
  • Recruitment Manager

Twitter: @MarcusSumrall

E-mail: msumrall@cityyear.org

Why I Serve: For every corps member that serves, it is one person working towards making the planet better each day.

Fun Fact: I have football shaped pupils.

Advice: Do your research about the position and don't be afraid to ask questions about the gray areas.

Eric Barbour
  • Regional Recruitment Manager, Midwest



Sacramento '13 & '14

Why I Serve: I serve because I've experienced the power and transformation that comes with having a positive mentor and role model. I also believe it is our duty and privilege to pay it forward to the communities that raised us.

Fun Fact: I have webbed toes. I used to have webbed fingers. Yeah.

Advice: Be ready to have your life changed! ...but only if you come in with an open heart and an open mind. 


Jacqui Cheney
  • Recruitment Coordinator



CY San Jose ‘07-’08; CY Orlando Start-Up 2012

Why I Recruit: There is a great need in our communities for young people to dedicate themselves to making a change.

Fun Fact: I am an indoor rock climber.

Advice: Know how to represent yourself and communicate how your experiences make you a valuable candidate.