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Alex Williams 

 Alex Williams is the proud Team Leader serving at Harold S. Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences. Last year, Alex served 7th and 8th graders at the Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education and had such an enriching experience that he decided to return to City Year because he knows that his work is not done. He has a passion for education and fostering the next generation of great leaders, and wants to leave his mark on this organization, this city, and this world. "I serve to make a difference, no matter how small, for the better." -Alex Williams

Why I serve: I serve for Kaanan*, a 3rd grader who cried last year while telling me nobody wanted him inside of their classroom. I serve because Kaanan deserves the best education the world can offer and somebody who is just as eager to teach him, as he is to learn. I serve to turn Kaanan’s passion and sadness into a love of learning and education. I serve to keep Kaanan’s classroom from becoming the streets or a prison cell because nobody took the time to try to understand him. I serve for all the Kaanans, past, present, and future, all over the city.

Favorite City Year Value: Social Justice for All

Nolan Benson

Nolan Benson is the proud Team Leader at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science, where he served as a first year AmeriCorps member last school year. Graduating with a degree in writing intensive English from Marquette University, he enjoys writing creatively. Social justice commonly threads through his interests both in his service and in his writing. He also plays guitar and sings for a music project called Tomatillo, a smooth jazz-infused duo. "City Year has shown me a passion for social justice and activism. I plan to continue to be an activist within and well beyond my years at City Year." -Nolan Benson

Why I serve: I serve to help students reach their maximum potential through encouragement and empowerment.  As someone who grew up in a school climate that made me feel lesser than everyone else due to my disability, I serve everyday to advocate for students that might find themselves in a similar situation.  I believe in the power of education as a way to liberate the mind, which leads to self advocacy and confidence.  With those two tools, there is no limit to what the young people of Milwaukee can accomplish. 

Favorite City Year Value: Empathy


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