Lauren Villasenior, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader on the United Way of Greater and Waukesha County Team at James Madison Academic Campus 

Hopes: I hope to be able to lead my team to success this year. I am looking forward to working in a diverse team with like-minded individuals. 

Challenges: I have never been in a leadership position before, so I think it might be challenging to lead a group of my own peers. 

Leadership Inspiration: It has been very difficult for me to transition from a corps member to a team leader, but I am inspired by the team leaders from last year to challenge myself. I frequently meet with Levi and Kinnethia, James Madison Academic Campus team leaders from corps 4 and 6, respectively. They have taught me to always be myself, to work hard and focus on why we serve -- for our students. They are true inspirations. 

Emily Mudd, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader on the Rogers Street Academy Team  

Hopes: I hope to be able to build a space for my team to feel supported and empowered in hopes that they will share these same values with their own students.   

Challenges: Being in a new school is a challenge as I am still trying to get to know the dynamics, community, staff, and students. I am thankful for having this opportunity to be in a new environment as it will be a chance for me to build relationships. 

Leadership inspiration for the year: My students from last year are my biggest leadership inspiration. They taught me just as much, if not more than I taught them. They accepted me for who I was and modeled to me the importance of admitting mistakes and challenging myself to reflect deeper on my own actions and beliefs. I strive to be able to model their lessons to my team so they can experience the true power, resilience, and wisdom of the students we serve. 

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