By Jalisha Sanders, AmeriCorps member serving at Carver Academy

Each month, our team comes together and votes on a corps member who we believe is the service warrior for the month. This person embodies the value of the month and receives a wristband with that value name written on it.

David Smith is a team member on the City Year Carver Academy team and in September, he received a value wristband for: "Students First, Collaboration Always”. He was chosen by his team because  of his dedication to his scholars  and his willingness to always share promising practices. When asked how he viewed being named service warrior of the month he said, "I feel honored and very appreciated. It means a lot to be recognized for the work I do with my scholars."

He definitely deserves the recognition because of his perseverance during his first two weeks of school.  At the start of the year, he did not have a permanent partner teacher but this did not stop him from connecting with his scholars and working with them on their academics. David's scholars are always on his mind.

From day one, David has been a dedicated corps member. He comes up with fun and engaging sessions for his scholars, uses his lunch to connect with students, and collaborates with teammates on best practices, lesson plans and so much more. He is loving and caring not only to his scholars but also towards his teammates. David is someone who not only helps with lessons but is also there to provide support emotionally and mentally. His teammates have described him as caring, open minded,  humble, comforting, and a joy to have on the team. David Smith is not only the best representation of the "Students First, Collaboration Always" value, but a valuable member of the City Year Carver team.                                                                     

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